How a Nestle Crunch Can Help a Brazilian Rainforest

Questioning their effectiveness, firms like Gucci and Nestle are concerned that their carbon offsets might have been miscalculated.

Why We Want to Overfish

A Montauk fisherman is in court because of a 74,000-pound catch. Where are we going? To the tragedy of the commons. Overfishing Rules Our story starts in 1976. Moving from 12 to 200 miles, the U.S. expanded its jurisdiction over…

How International Cooperation Is Preventing a Catastrophe

An example of the tragedy of the commons, an abandoned oil storage tanker anchored near Yemen could become a catastrophe.

Why It’s Not Easy to Use Less of the Colorado River

Complicated by centuries of obligations, and conflicts between cities and farmers, Colorado River problems are tough to solve.

Some (sort of) Good Climate News

In the eia’s (U.S. Energy Administration) “Annual Energy Outlook 2022,” their world energy outlook has improved slightly.

Why a Catastrophic Oil Spill Might Not Happen

How the world could prevent a catastrophic oil spill and avoid the tragedy of the commons according to an economics Nobel laureate.

How to Reduce Overfishing and Increase Food Security

Threatened by overfishing, the world’s fish stocks could be saved by a WTO agreement that limits subsidies and by fake fish.

Why We Need More Wikipedia Women

Self-reinforcing, Wikipedia’s gender bias is evident in the number of biographies that focus on notable females.

What to Do About an Elephant in Your Backyard

In addition to the human-elephant conflict, China’s wandering herd of elephants takes us to all that they ate.

Learn With Elaine: Elephants and Avocados

The tragedy of the commons explains why avocados can be more important than elephants.