Why Women Want Pay Equity (More Than Equal Pay)

Different from equal pay mandates, New Zealand’s pay equity initiative takes us to the true foundations of the gender pay gap.

Essential Occupations…Like the Easter Bunny

Looking more closely at the lockdown, we can identify the kinds of jobs that involve working remotely and where they are located.

The Manufacturing Jobs That Are Disappearing

Through the excellent Netflix documentary, “American Factory,” and Bureau of Labor Force projections, we can see disappearing manufacturing jobs.

What Paternity Leave Can Do to Dads

With the popularity of paternity leave increasing, researchers wanted to know whether it influenced the number of children that fathers in Spain wanted.

The Mystery of the Missing Jobs

To understand why certain cities have more dog walkers, scientists, and pastry chefs, we just need to look at the geography of jobs.

How a Cherry Orchard is About More Than Fruit

Representing far more than the agricultural labor force, a cherry orchard in Washington state displays the complexities of changing labor markets.

Where Marriage Markets and Labor Markets Clash

Displaying the clash between marriage markets and labor markets, single female MBAs display less ambitious more “wifely” behavior when men are present.

What Happens When a Man Earns Less Than His Mate?

By earning more in labor markets, women affect marriage markets because they violate traditional gender identity norms if they earn more than a mate.

Gender Inequality at the Olympics

Reflecting gender inequality at the Olympics, more men than women can win medals at Rio 2016 and some rules display outdated attitudes on female frailty.

The Gender Pay Gap for Female Physicians

Looking at physicians’ salaries in different specialties that renage from pediatrics to radiology, we can see how the gender pay gap varies