All You Need to Know About a NASA Shutdown

A look at the NASA shutdown reveals the massive human cost and the programs that are affected when an agency is suddenly unfunded.

What a Government Shutdown Does to Each of Us

A government shutdown is again in the news. The key date is December 21. If federal agencies without funding do not get their money by then, they have to follow their shutdown rules. I suspect most of us will be…

Why We Might Have Another Partial Government Shutdown

To see why another partial government shutdown is a possibility, we can look at the Congress’s continuing resolutions (CRs).

Everything You Might Not Know About Government Shutdowns

While a government shutdown could just be called cutback because of an appropriations gap, a closer look reveals a fascinating host of issues and costs.

Government Shutdown Basics

If the Congress does not replace tomorrow’s expired continuing resolution with a temporary spending replacement, we will have another government shutdown.

A Reason For Economic Uncertainty

Combining the continuing resolution and 11 of 12 omnibus spending spending bills, a fiscal policy compromise could avoid government shutdown.