Five Facts About Chinese Capitalism

Through six facts about China’s political capitalism, we can see some of its economic strengths, weaknesses, contradictions, and history.

Why NASA Needed SpaceX

Just like the U.S. Postal Service needed private sector planes when they created airmail, so too did NASA need SpaceX rockets.

Six Facts That Explain How China Plans to Dominate World Trade

China’s economic development and much more will be propelled if its Belt and Road Initiative sends trillions to countries in three continents.

How China Has Begun To Keep (a Social) Score

In China, by being good to your mother-in-law, you can elevate your social credit score, get a cheaper bike rental, and a better bank loan.

China’s Very Mixed Economy

China’s social credit program is usually connected to social control. But I wonder if it’s also an economic system. Using information from “government blueprints, state-media reports and interviews with architects,” WSJ described what appears to be an evolving plan. Most basically,…

Weekly Roundup: From Neighborhood Names to Middle Class Jobs

Our weekly roundup includes the tie between chili pepper heat and standardized measures, offshoring and the middle class and neighborhoods and brands.

Amazon’s Government Connection

No longer laissez-faire, government creates a mixed economy when it responds to Amazon’s lobbying and other firms’ influence.

Why Government Cannot Trash Waste Management

Central planning through large firms could not replace the consistency and environmental benefits of a zabaleen system for trash removal In Cairo, Egypt.

Mixed Economy: The Raisin Reserve

Because the USDA enforces a raisin reserve mandate by decreasing supply to maintain price, it is an example of a mixed economy of government and a market.

A Mixed Economy: Ownership Incentives

Thinking about our mixed economy in which government and the market intermingle, I have always gravitated to this quote from former Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers: “In the history of the world, nobody has ever washed a rented car.”…