Where Less Work Is More Productive

Seeing a UAW settlement, we can ask how the length and productivity of the United States workweek compares to other OECD nations.

Why Starbucks Needs Henry Ford

With the Starbucks Latte menu, success has the potential for failure because the more they make, the longer customers have to wait.

Why a Starbucks Macchiato Is Like a Model-T Ford

Whether looking at coffee or cars, at Macchiatos or Model-T’s, producers care about taking fewer steps in the cafe and the factory.

Where Thursday Could Become the New Friday

Asking about the 4-day workweek, we can look at the answers from a recent study in Iceland and also at Sweden, Germany, and Italy.

Why Car Colors Matter

Choosing car colors is about more than an appearance when we look more closely at resale value, temperature, and theft.

Why Tesla is Like a Model T Ford

Although they are separated by a century, the Model T Ford and Tesla are rather similar when we look at their leadership and production.

The Wright Moment for the Bicycle

As an innovation, the bicycle was a stepping stone that helped human capital move onward to other inventions like the airplane, the auto and better roads.

Why We Need Sunday Shopping

To fuel French economic growth, productivity and employment, a controversial law will allow more Sunday shopping but the business/leisure debate continues.

What UPS Learned from Henry Ford

Because free shipping creates pressure on retailers to send parcels more cheaply, UPS has had to lower costs by increasing processing productivity.