The Surprising Ways that Governments Get Money

Thinking of how governments fund all they do, we usually think of taxes. But there is much more. Government Revenue U.S. States Desperate for cash, in 2010, Arizona’s governor sold the state capitol. The deal included the House and Senate,…

Deciding if the Federal Government Should Borrow or Tax

With federal spending far exceeding federal revenue, we have to decide if more borrowing or federal taxation should span the gap.

Why Italy Is Selling Some Palazzos

Looking at Italy’s debt and beyond at the world, we can worry about massive borrowing that reflects a larger proportion of a country’s GDP.

Six Facts: What We Need To Know About World Debt

The six facts that summarize world debt identify the big borrowers, the risky borrowers, and the criteria for deciding how much to worry.

Looking at National Wealth Through a New Kind of Lens

Typically we look at our national wealth through a fiscal or GDP lens when we might get a better picture by using a balance sheet.

What Does the World Owe?

With the U.S. an increasingly large contributor and an example of “debt creep,” world debt is dominated by five countries.

When to Worry About Sovereign Debt

Comparing debt to GDP is like looking at a mortgage loan and household net worth. It can help us decide when a sovereign debt became too large.

Why Greece Would Have a Tough Time With a New Currency

With excessive sovereign debt and bailout problems, Greece may have to switch to a new drachma and endure financial turmoil at home and in the eurozone.

A Closer Look at the EU 28 Economic Growth Rate

Looking at a European average economic growth rate, unemployment rate and GDP to debt ratio is misleading because of countries’ disparate economies.