When Free Football Has a Cost

Experimenting with free football by not charging for tickets, a French and a German team changed the cost of a game.

October 2023 Friday’s e-links: Research Replication

Starting our October e-links, we focus on watching out for flawed (exceedingly believable) conclusions from auspicious behavioral economists.

How a (Hershey’s) Kiss and Free Shipping Are Similar

Whether enjoying free shipping or free chocolates, consumers have a similar response because of the word “free.”

The Difference that Nine Cents Can Make

Through a mega study involving more than 60,000 participants, behavioral economists identified the most effective exercise nudges.

How Free Stock Trades Can Be Expensive

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely demonstrated the impact of “free” in an experiment that he described in Predictably Irrational. At first, participants could choose a Hershey’s Kiss for a penny or a Lindt Truffle for 15 cents. Selected by 73%, the…

Economics and the Honor System

When we pay through an honor system, retailers depend on our economic honesty while researchers are trying to understand it.

The Problem With Free Pizza

Not knowing what behavioral economists say about “zero,” the Russian Domino’s was surprised by the response to a free pizza promotion.

What An Unemployment Rate Does Not Tell You

A single statistic like the unemployment rate for Japan, the European Union and the U.S. can be misleading until we look more closely at what it represents.