The Facts You Never Knew About the Nobel Economics Prize

First awarded more than 70 years after the original Nobel Prizes began, the Nobel Economics Prize is worth some unexpected extras.

The Huge Impact of a Rather Irritating Invention

While the cost of free parking in New York City is rather huge, it can be offset by what was a seemingly insignificant and irritating innovation.

Why There is No Such Thing as Free Parking

Even in North Dakota where there is a ban on parking meters along town and city streets, there is no such thing as free parking.

Why Free Parking Just Got Cheaper

Although better design can lower the cost of free parking, it remains rather expensive because of the tradeoffs it requires.

The Seven Ways We Pay For Free Parking

Including congestion, wasted gas, time and emissions, cheap parking creates negative externalities that variable pricing of parking spaces can eliminate.

How Can You Add Value to Your Free Parking Space?

NYC has lots of cheap parking spaces. The result? I (and many like me) have circled blocks, added to greenhouse gases, used precious hours and exacerbated congestion, all to find an empty muni-meter or free spot. As UCLA Professor Donald Shoup has said through…

Winter Dibs: The Reasons That Shoveling Makes That Parking Space Yours

If you’ve shoveled your car out of a snow mound, is that parking space yours? Called “winter dibs” in Boston and Chicago, the answer is, “yes.” You just leave a chair, a pot or some item to reserve the space…

Negative Externalities: Guaranteed Parking

When we have guaranteed parking, we tend to drive more. Comparing the driving habits of residents living in 2 NYC communities, transportation researchers concluded that 31 percent more Jackson Heights, Queens residents drive to work than car owners who live in Park…

Everyone Hates Free Parking

By Mira Korber, guest blogger. Last Friday evening, two unexpected things happened at the highly attended Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) “Nations Cup” event. 1. I saw Donald Trump in the flesh — he’s very tall — from about two feet…

Parking Problems

Parking expert Professor Donald Shoup has identified a traffic problem with implicatons far beyond city streets. Essentially he says that cheap city parking is really rather expensive.  Throughout parts of NYC, for example, drivers can select meters that might require…