An Update: China’s One, Two, Three Child Policy

About much more than babies, China’s shrinking birth rate reflects a slew of trade offs that created some problematic externalities.

A Surprising Mini Baby Bump

Whereas fewer babies are born during recessions and major catastrophes, it appears we could have a pandemic baby boom surprise.

Where and Why Are Women Having Fewer Children?

A demography challenge, China’s birth rate problem is worse in other nations where the growth in babies and the elderly should be reversed.

The Demographic Squeeze

Looking at birth and death rates, we can identify population problems that are creating a demographic squeeze.

What Grandma Says About China’s One-Child Policy

Because of China’s one-child policy, an aging population of grandparents will wind up with fewer young people to take care of them.

The Best Places For Growing Old

With populations growing older in the developed world, their wellbeing might affect the GDP growth rate because of the expense of their care.

China’s Demographic Flipflop

The wait list for the most popular retirement home in China has topped 10,000. With 1100 available beds and just 11 beds emptying annually, it could take 100 years for someone to get a spot. Part of the problem is…