The Pricey Purse That Created a Problem

When Hermes combined very high prices with limited availability for its Birkin bags, it not only generated conspicuous consumption but also a problem.

An Economist’s Gift Giving Dilemma

After an economist long ago told us that gift giving adds less to economic activity than the price of the present, a pro-gift giving group disagreed.

The One Investment That Is (Probably) a Sure Thing

Calculating the value of college involves what we spend, what we sacrifice, what we earn, and some other surprising considerations.

The Inconspicuous Consumption That Shouts Your Wealth

The average American has access to the types of consumer goods that only the wealthy used to buy. We can purchase a pricey iPhone or watch Netflix on a massive home TV screen. We eat steak, enjoy ahi tuna, and…

What Baby Names Tell Us

When parents choose a baby name, they could be conveying a message to the world that signals their politics and the child’s future profession.

Throwback Thursday: Looking Back at the Tiffany Brand

Shifting from Audrey Hepburn elegance to Lady Gaga, the Tiffany brand has a new face to market its luxury image and its Veblen goods.

The Significance of a Baby’s Name

As a signal from parents, popular baby names can convey a quest for individuality as well as a liberal or conservative message.

The Importance of Being Similar

When two people eat similar food and speak a similar dialect, they are signaling similarity that creates a professionally productive trust.

Weekly Roundup: From Achieving Success to Paying for Dates

Weekly News Roundup Sunday 05.22.16 How healthy labels help firms compete…more Monday 05.23.16 The economic side of dating…more Tuesday 05.24.16 Why sharing train tracks is a problem…more Wednesday 05.25.16 The déjà vu part of the candidates’ tax plans …more Thursday 05.26.16 How attractiveness relates to success…more Friday…

Is Beauty or Grooming More Important for Success?

If we define attractiveness as a combination of good-looks, grooming and demeanor, then attractiveness and success are connected.