How Price “Gouging” Can Help Us

Although price gouging harms countless people after a disaster, its upside is the incentive to increase supply.

Inflation and a Price Caps Pressure Cooker

Bringing back memories of 1970s wage and price controls, in the U.S. and beyond, people are contemplating price caps to control inflation.

How Venezuela Caught an Incurable Case of Dutch Disease

From the very beginning in 1922, Venezuela’s oil industry fueled governmental decisions that created an incurable case of Dutch disease.

Does Rent Control Really Control Rent?

When cities like San Francisco pass rent control legislation to create affordable housing, they could wind up with unintended consequences.

The Chaos Created By Venezuela’s Soaring Inflation Rate

When Venezuela’s inflation rate entered the stratosphere, it created chaos that shifted the rhythm and rationality of daily life.

The Upside of Texas Price Gouging

Accused of price gouging after Harvey hit Texas, the businesses that raised prices might actually have been helping people.

A Solution for Too Few Doctors: More Patience

Decreases in supply, increases in demand and legislative price ceilings are resulting in “network adequacy” problems for U.S. healthcare systems.

Venezuela Has Cheap Gas But No Cars

At the official exchange rate, Venezuelans pay 5 cents a gallon for premium gasoline while the real price is closer to one half penny a gallon. The dark purple country at the northern tip of South America (below), Venezuela has the…

In West Virginia, Is Price Gouging a Problem or a Solution?

West Virginia’s Attorney General says it’s illegal and “just plain wrong” to inflate the price of water in times of emergency. In addition, he suggests that people keep an eye on what vendors charge for items like hand sanitizer and…

Price Ceilings: Cronut Shortages

Described as “Pastry Nirvana,” the cronut was introduced on May 10 at Dominique Ansel’s NYC Bakery in Soho. A cronut is a combination donut and croissant. Chef Ansel said nailing the recipe took experimentation with croissant dough, frying temperatures and fillings.…