Connecting a Good Economy to Bad Health

It makes sense to assume that when the economy is better, we feel better, We should have less illness and live longer. Correspondingly, in a sick economy, we too feel sicker. Not necessarily. A Recession’s Mortality Impact One study of European…

The Mystery of Unequal Female Life Expectancy

Trying to figure out why female life expectancy varies from state to state, researchers looked at personal behavior and her economic “context.”

The Economic Side of Russian Vodka Consumption

Closely connected to tax revenue and civilian attitudes towards government, Russian vodka consumption was affected by economic incentives.

A New Way to Rank the Worst Diseases

While death rates are a seemingly easy way to assess healthcare spending, other perspectives like DALYs could be better when we consider the tradeoffs.

Why It’s Tough to Evaluate Job Performance

If a performance metric is known, the people being evaluated have an incentive to shift their behavior so that their scores improve but not the job they do.