Why We Spent More On Halloween Candy

With Halloween candy prices hitting record levels, some of us will adjust our buying behavior at the grocery store.

What 9 Euros Say About Public Transit

First looking at Germany and then at ten cities in Europe and Asia, we can see the potential of public transit.

What Pay Transparency Reveals

New York City’s new pay transparency mandate could narrow a race and gender pay gap but also could have unintended consequences.

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How Price “Gouging” Can Help Us

Although price gouging harms countless people after a disaster, its upside is the incentive to increase supply.

What We Can Learn From a Rich German Shepherd

Although we can say that the environment is priceless, one group in the UK is giving ecosystems price tags that add to their value.

A Bitcoin Story With The Right Incentives and the Wrong Results

Trying to encourage bitcoin use, El Salvador had all the right incentives but still wound up with unintended consequences.

Why California Will Send Less To Landfills

With our landfills filling, California’s SB 1383 has taken a huge leap toward encouraging 39 million people to recycle their organic waste.

Why the East Coast Has Long and Skinny Butter But Not the West Coast

Comparing the butter we buy on the East and West Coast of the U.S., many of us could wonder why the shape and size are different.

The Face Mask Pollution Problem

Typical of the tradeoffs created by all decisions, wearing the face masks that prevent the spread of Covid can mean more plastic pollution.