How the Pandemic Ended Peak TV

Before COVID-19, we thought that peak TV was a rising number as more original shows were written and produced but the industry has changed.

What You Never Knew About Standing in Line

I wonder whether culture created queue problems at Rio 2016. In a recent podcast, Freakonomics host Stephen Dubner told about his line problem at a European Championship soccer tournament. Arriving at the stadium for a German-Polish match, he and his son went…

Disney’s Dynamic Pricing Power

Displaying Disney’s pricing power, they will implement dynamic pricing for 1-Day tickets and as do the airlines, Amazon and Uber.

How Star Wars Makes So Much Money

Combining Disney’s market power as an oligopoly with Star Wars legendary franchise, you wind up with massive Star Wars revenue.

Start-up stories

During 1939, in a garage, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started a new firm. Also in a garage, several decades later Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started Apple. Yes, Walt Disney worked in his uncle’s garage and Mattel, the toy…