What If We Gave Google Search a Price?

Comparing a paid for Worldbook to a free Wikipedia, we can see that monetizing digital services would grow an understated GDP..

Is Google Harming You?

With the Google antitrust trial having begun, we will see if Google harms consumers and advertiser by restraining competition.

How Marriage Divides Us

Trends in getting married and single parenting display that the impact of marriage can be income inequality.

Who Owns the Nile?

With Ethiopia having completed the Grand Renaissance Dam, deciding who “owns” the Nile has become more relevant than ever before.

Explaining the Deficit

Because explaining the deficit might need an economist, we went to Ed Yardeni, to “Tracking the Defiicit” and to the CBO for an answer.

Where We Couldn’t Celebrate Taco Tuesday

Now that Taco Bell can offer Taco Tuesday to its customers, we can ask about the extent of trademark protection.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Peak Performance to Endless Shrimp

Connecting economics, current events, and history, this week’s economic news roundup ranges from a China slowdown to trendy hot dogs.

What Used Cars Say About Inflation

Looking back and ahead, we can observe used car prices to understand and predict what is happening to inflation.

The Highs and Lows of Trendy Food

The hot dog could be our newest trendy food. Calling the hot dog the “it” restaurant order of the summer, the Wall Street Journal elevated the lowly frank. However, more than the dog, the reason appears to be the toppings.…

An Unintended Consequence From a Nobel Prize

A story that takes us to a Nobel Prize winner, an airpoirt, and some smiles winds up with some uninytended consequences.