Why Overbooked Fliers Are Like the Google IPO

An airline’s overbooking solutions can be called a Dutch auction when fliers decide what their ticket is worth.

India’s AC Tradeoffs

When we combine a record breaking heat wave in India with an increasingly affluent population, we wind up with AC dilemmas.

A Short Tax (Form) Story

Occupying billions of hours and dollars, tax preparation in the United States could be much simpler if we just copied Estonia.

Why New Jersey’s Plastic Bag Ban Might Create the “Cobra Effect”

With New Jersey’s new paper and plastic bag bans, we can ask if the regulations will have the unintended consequence of the “Cobra Effect.”

Our Mind Boggling Energy Use Totals

Tough to imagine and yet crucial for thinking of the future, the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory shares a handy energy use total infographic.

December 2021 Friday’s e-links: Hugely Enjoyable Mini-Stories

Our December 2021 e-links conclude with the 99% Invisible mini-stories that are always a bit odd and entirely interesting.

A (Temporary) Whopper of a Price Drop From Burger King

With the Whopper celebrating its 64th birthday, we can look back to how burger and grocery prices have changed since 1957.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Skateboards to Washing Machines

Connecting economics, current events, and history, this week’s economic news roundup ranges from a Dogecoin trademark to cigarette taxes.

The Economic Side of a Pringle

During the 1950s, a Procter & Gamble chemist developed a potato chip that would not crumble in the bag. Actually, there never was a bag and regulators said it was not a potato chip. It was called Pringles. Pringles History…

Why Taxes Are About More Than Money

Because tax systems matter, we can look at tax evasion in the U.K., at IRS problems in the U.S., and at the OECD to see what works.