Who Gets The Best Return From Social Security and Medicare?

Looking at lifetime benefits and lifetime taxes, we can see that Social Security and Medicare returns vary considerably.

The Educational Journey of a Homeless Child

Told by a NY Times reporter, the educational journey of a homeless child creates daunting dilemmas that also relate to government programs.

How Did the Pandemic Make Social Security Sicker?

While the financial future of Social Security has been shaky for awhile, now, the pandemic has accelerated the trend.

The Huge Social Security Contradiction

Because saving Social Security takes us to a conflict between math and politics, the Congress has has a tough time selecting solutions.

Where Grandma Isn’t Smiling

When an Australian business school scored the pension income systems in 37 countries, they gave many more C grades than anyone would like to receive.

Does Everyone Deserve a Job?

With job guarantee proposals in the news, we can start to consider what so massive an entitlement program could involve.

Which Generation Should Get More From Everyone Else?

Deciding which groups should give which should receive, government redistribution policies could be based on a generational lens.

Six Ways to Make Government Better

One of many examples in Peter Schuck’s new book, the Social Security program shows how government can be successful and also why it “fails so often.”

Part 2: What To Do When More People Are Old

Facing an aging population and more entitlements, countries that are encouraging more births to expand the labor force might be creating a bigger problem.

A Bigger (Thanksgiving) Pie or Equal Slices?

Increasing income inequality by moving from communal farming to individual plots, Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford changed income redistribution.