What the Best Airports Do for Us

Using WSJ’s reliability and convenience ranking metrics for 20 large and 30 midsize airports, we can judge their cost and benefit.

Where We Worry About Armrest Rights

Whether looking at armrests or reclining rights, seat savers or window shades, airplane etiquette is unclear about what we temporarily “own.”

How to Board a Plane Quickly

Although airlines say that speedy boarding is a priority, their incentives prevent them from ever achieving it.

An Unintended Consequence From a Nobel Prize

A story that takes us to a Nobel Prize winner, an airpoirt, and some smiles winds up with some uninytended consequences.

The Best Way to Board a Plane

Hoping to shave minutes off its turn time, Southwest has been experimenting with a slew of boarding strategies.

The Difference Between the Best and Worst Airlines

Looking at the Wall Street Journal’s annual scorecard for the best and worst airlines, we see examples of competitive strategies.

How Airplane Real Estate Varies With Your Seat

Looked at through the lens of the airline, we can see that airplane real estate varies with the location and size of our seat.

When the Cost of a Plane and a Wait Are Similar

For the same economic reason, the supersonic Concorde should have been grounded sooner and we irrationally endure long phone wait times.

How the Best and Worst Airlines Are Different

The rules used to be that, for no extra charge, you could fly with your (untrained) emotional support animal (ESA). As long as you had a corroborating letter from a health professional, it was okay with most airlines. The pig…

The Ups and Downs of the Jumbo Jet

Planning for a post pandemic world, the airline industry is figuring out what to do with its jumbo jets although now some have been useful.