September 2021 Friday’s e-links: A Uyghur Teenager’s Story

Our September 2021 e-links continue with a podcast in which a Uyghur teenager tells about her family’s escape from China to the U.S.

July 2020 Friday’s e-links: From a van Gogh and a Felon to the Moon and a Meat Plant

My July 2020 e-links range from three riveting podcasts–on a van Gogh, a felon, and a coronavirus outbreak–to a good mystery, mars and the moon.

How Low-Skilled Immigrants Support Highly Skilled Women

In additional to debating the impact of immigration on less educated men, we should look at how highly skilled women are affected.

The Economics of a Smile

In a list of smiling societies, the U.S. could be close to the top for a surprising reason that relates to immigration and diversity.

Weekly Roundup: From Overbooked Flights to Immigration Fallacies

This week’s economic news summary included unexpected insight from credit scores, the natural resource curse, and what the bacon cheeseburger can tell us.

How Immigration Disproves the Lump of Labor Fallacy

Whereas immigration can result in more workers, their impact on wages can be neutral because those immigrants create more demand which leads to more jobs.

Unusual Ways to Achieve Deficit Reduction

Hoping to diminish their country’s deficit, last year, Malta’s President and Parliament decided to sell citizenship. The price tag is $891,000 and the perk is that Malta is in the EU. Consequently, you get an island home with a back…

Outsourcing and Immigration

A recent economics paper provides a surprising solution to those who believe outsourcing is a problem. The story, as explained by George Mason economist Tyler Cowen, involves the connection between offshore jobs and immigration. Traditionally, economists say that offshore jobs…