Are Checks Like Dinosaurs?

Moving away from cash and checks, for many of us, our money transactions have changed during the past 25 years.

Where You Don’t Want To Be a Trillionaire

We could say that repeatedly, Zimbabwe’s inflation rate is so high that their dollar cannot possibly be called money.

Argentina’s Preference For Crypto

With its gargantuian monetary and fiscal problems leading to hyperinflation and defaults, Argentina’s preference for crypto has been growing.

Where Bitcoin Has Another Problem

Adopting bitcoin during September 2021, El Salvador’s political leadership did not know all that could go wrong…and it did.

What is Bitcoin?

With the bankruptcy filing of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, the need for regulation (and the Howey Test) is ever more apparent.

How New British Coins Will Be Different

Looking at the history of British coins, we see a tradition that mandates the direction in which the image of the monarch faces.

Where To Stash Your Cash

Displayed by Argentina’s inflation, when a local currency plunges in value, the demand for U.S. hundred dollar bills skyrockets.

A Bitcoin Story With The Right Incentives and the Wrong Results

Trying to encourage bitcoin use, El Salvador had all the right incentives but still wound up with unintended consequences.

Why Zimbabwe Laundered Money

With a renewed need to launder tattered U.S.dollar bills, we have the return of Zimbabwe inflation and their problematic monetary policy.

Where September 7th Is Bitcoin Day

By adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, El Salvador will be the first nation to say that the cryptocurrency is a national currency.