Learn With Elaine: Elephants and Avocados

The tragedy of the commons explains why avocados can be more important than elephants.

Where Will Automation Change Our Lives?

Whether looking at a self-driving car or your airline ticketing app, you can see how automation has begun to shift job activities.

The Travels of Mobile Money

Zimbabwe’s monetary crises used to create money laundering…literally. To preserve their limited supply of worn U.S. dollars, households had to wash them: Now though, they have a new solution. Going Cashless Mobile money has become increasingly popular. Wherever hyperinflation is…

Debating Kenya’s Plastic Bag Ban

To hear a single-use plastic bag regulation debate, you could go to Kenya or NYC while Rwandans might be discussing their plastic bag black market.

Where Phones Pump Money

Kenya’s economic development has been fueled by a mobile banking system that makes it easy to save, send and spend money with a cell phone.

Why Kenya Should Not Have Burned Its Elephant Ivory

A tough problem to solve, the decreasing African elephant population is caused by poachers who profit from elephant ivory sales.

Green Blog: Global Edition

By Amy Tourgee, guest blogger, Kent Place School alumna and Environmental Studies undergraduate at Princeton University Hello to all from Kenya! For those of you who didn’t catch the postscript of my last blog, I am studying abroad here on…

The Ties That Bind Us

Although Nairobi and London are 4228 miles apart, they actually are closely connected. The NY Times described the tie that was cut by volcanic ash. Kenyans supply gourmet vegetables and cut flowers to European supermarkets. When planes were grounded, so…