Argentina’s Preference For Crypto

With its gargantuian monetary and fiscal problems leading to hyperinflation and defaults, Argentina’s preference for crypto has been growing.

A Closer Look at the World’s Top and Bottom Laissez-Faire Countries

Looking closely at the Index of Economic Freedom, we can see where property rights help to boost market activity.

How the U.S. Debt Compares to Other Countries

With U.S. government debt at a $30 trillion all time high, we can look inside and beyond our borders to decide if we are borrowing too much.

Why We Might Be Healthier Than We Think

When we look at the OECD Healthcare spending and outcomes among its 38 member countries, some facts about the U.S. are surprising.

Why Virgin Galactic Could Remind Us of J.P. Morgan

Debating billionaire power, we can compare J.P. Morgan in 1907 to the impact of Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk on space travel.

How Do the Economy and Democracy Need Each Other?

In The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index and also through Pew Research, we can see how the economy and democracy need each other.

What Your Time is Really Worth

Lyft can come in handy when economists need to calculate the dollar value of time for us and for government.

The COVID-19 Vaccine’s Distribution Dilemmas

Even if all works out with with a fast-track compressed timeline for developing the COVID-19 vaccine, we will have distribution dilemmas to resolve.

The Federal Reserve’s Three Buckets

When we use three buckets, the complexities of the Federal Reserve’s pandemic monetary policy can be simple to understand.

The Problem With Predictable Surprises

Economists can explain and improve our inadequate disaster preparation for predictable wildfires, diseases, hurricanes, and earthquakes.