Looking at National Wealth Through a New Kind of Lens

Typically we look at our national wealth through a fiscal or GDP lens when we might get a better picture by using a balance sheet.

When the Economy Is Like the Weather

Economic forecasting can frequently be inaccurate because of changing numbers and human bias or, as Yogi Berra reputedly said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

A Greece Update in 4 Graphs

Coffee will soon cost 20% more in Greece because the terms of a fourth Greek bailout require higher taxes and less government spending.

Four Ways to Understand Greek Debt

An historical perspective and a look at what is owed, to whom and when provides insight about the culture and complexities of Greek sovereign debt.

The Eurozone Sunk Cost Problem

People and nations might perpetuate a bad investment because they look back at their past sunk costs. Instead they should compare future cost and benefit.

Greek Privatization Progress

Will international creditors say yes again to Greece after today’s meeting in Brussels? Part of the deal involves selling or leasing whatever the Greek government owns. The proceeds reduce the debt and meanwhile, by building roads and business parks, resuscitating ports and…

A New Greek (Economic) Fuel: Olive Oil

The Greek government needs its newest bailout infusion. But in return, austerity would include (among many other requirements) cutting certain civil servants’ salaries by as much as 35%, raising the retirement age again but this time to 67, and plunging the…

Bailout Fatigue

Yesterday, in a 94-0 vote, the U.S. Senate said it had bailout fatigue. No, they were not referring to Fannie Mae or General Motors. They meant Greece. This is the connection: By selling government securities, Greece had borrowed money to…

How Are We Doing?

Hearing that U.S. real GDP growth for the first quarter was 3.2%, I wondered how well we were doing. We can look at past recessions to assess 3.2%. Looking back to the early 1980s, some economists say they were hoping…