Do Beer Taxes Make a Difference?

Hoping either to improve our health or elevate revenue, governments levy sin taxes on items like beer with results that economists debate.

How Harry Styles Shifts Our Demand Curves

Seeing Harry Styles have a record setting 15 shows at Madison Square Garden, an economist would say it was all about his demand determinants.

Why Coffee Inflation Is Different

While ascending food prices could encourage us to buy less of certain breakfast items, the impact of coffee inflation could be different.

Where a Sugary Drink Tax Won’t Work

Looking at the Philadelphia sugary drinks tax, we would find it did not accomplish many of its goals in three major categories.

Who Will Care About the Starbucks Price Hike?

When coffee drinkers hear that some prices at Starbucks will rise, their response will depend how how elastic their demand is.

Why Hamilton Fights Bots

Hoping to control Hamilton’s ticket prices, the show’s producers are waging a war against the bots and scalpers that distort supply and demand.

The Economic Significance of Alcohol Consumption

While it is relatively easy to measure how much alcohol consumption varies among countries, identifying a direct economic impact is much tougher.

Where Smokers Smuggle Cigarettes

New York City just proposed another hike in the price of cigarettes. Instead of the $10.50 minimum, a pack might soon cost no less than $13.00. Historically high, NYC’s cigarette tax should remain the most potent in the country. Yes? Perhaps.…

Girl Scout Cookie Economics

Soon to start their hundredth year, Girl Scout cookie sales will include some new economics and cookies but what you get depends on where you live.

Weekly Roundup: From Grocery Bags to Soda Bottles

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