The Subjective Side of Ranking Statistics

Whether it’s top colleges or the happiest countries, we can ask about the validity of the ranking criteria that were used.

What We (Might) Need To Know About Student Loans

Student loan facts can help us to better understand the Biden administration’s decision to provide loan forgiveness with a $10,000 cap.

The Downside of Choosing a Top College

When U.S.News & World Report is ranking colleges, the numbers misleadingly convey an objectivity that a closer look eliminates.

When a Grade Is Like a Price

Looking at grade inflation at colleges and universities, we can ask whether the increase can be compared to prices.

How Head Start Connects to College

We can compare the early childhood education component of President Biden’s legislative proposals to other preschool programs.

Telling the Student Loan Story

There is much more to see about student loans than a $1.7 trillion total when we decide how much Congress might forgive.

How Covid Affected College Applications

Our story starts in 1926, the year the SAT was born. Designed to measure aptitude, it was supposed to let colleges assess applicants who did not have an elite background. Jumping ahead to now, our story ends with schools making…

Why College Tuitions Are Up and Other Prices Are Down

It’s tough to find a real “list price” for a college tuition. According to NY Times money columnist Ron Lieber, the price charged by one school can vary considerably. Sort of like we all pay a different fare for the…

Why Buying Plum Jam Is Like Retaking the SAT

When shopping in a supermarket or deciding whether to retake a test, we should be aware of our left-digit bias.

What Covid Teaches Us About a College Town

As much as university and college shutdowns affect schools and students, they can also have a devastating impact on local towns and cities.