How Covid Affected College Applications

Our story starts in 1926, the year the SAT was born. Designed to measure aptitude, it was supposed to let colleges assess applicants who did not have an elite background. Jumping ahead to now, our story ends with schools making…

Why College Tuitions Are Up and Other Prices Are Down

It’s tough to find a real “list price” for a college tuition. According to NY Times money columnist Ron Lieber, the price charged by one school can vary considerably. Sort of like we all pay a different fare for the…

Why Buying Plum Jam Is Like Retaking the SAT

When shopping in a supermarket or deciding whether to retake a test, we should be aware of our left-digit bias.

What Covid Teaches Us About a College Town

As much as university and college shutdowns affect schools and students, they can also have a devastating impact on local towns and cities.

What We Need to Open a School Safely

The cost of opening schools safely becomes more of a concern when we look at the impact of the coronavirus on state finance.

Why Prisoners Need Barista Skills

Echoing the rehabilitation emphasized by Norway’s prison system, barista skills are taught to some inmates at Rikers Island.

How a Common Application Affected College Admissions

At highly selective schools, 2019 college admission rates were pretty low: Harvard: 4.5% Yale: 5.91% Stanford: 4.3% in 2018 (They are no longer releasing the number.) But we are looking at a tiny proportion of the higher education population. At…

The Problem With the Amazing Increase in Kids’ Allowances

While children’s allowances are way up, the financial responsibility that parents hope to develop has not been apparent in financial literacy surveys.

How To Make Kids Smarter

Fifty years ago, when Sesame Street was a new educational idea, it proved that watching TV could make our kids smarter academically and emotionally.

A Tale of Two Neighborhoods

Rather than identifying pockets of poverty, recent income mobility research suggests policy makers focus on opportunity areas.