What Congestion Pricing Signals

It is possible that the spread of congestion pricing to places like Manhattan signals less of a municipal love for cars.

How We Respond to Restaurant Psychology

More than we recognize, restaurant psychology creates incentives that determine our spending, our timing, and what we eat.

When One Item Has More Than One Price

Expanding the reach of its variable prices, JetBlue recently added dynamic baggage fees to its airline fares.

Where To Find the Most EVs

Comparing the new electric vehicle purchases globally, we can see the contrasting role of incentives in Norway and the U.S.

Why a Bigger Baggage Bin Is Like a New Highway

Whether looking at airlines’ overhead baggage bins or highway construction, we see supply created incentives boosting demand.

How to Board a Plane Quickly

Although airlines say that speedy boarding is a priority, their incentives prevent them from ever achieving it.

Are Checks Like Dinosaurs?

Moving away from cash and checks, for many of us, our money transactions have changed during the past 25 years.

Why Millions of People Decided to See a Movie a Day (at the theater)

Trying to encourage us to return to movie theaters, the movie packages that matter have had disastrous results.

Why the Inflation Reduction Act Needs a New Name

Looking at its spending, its goals, and its focus, we could say that the Inflation Reduction Act needs a new name.

When People Won’t Want Heavy Reading

Whether buying books by the pound or establishing a factory weight quota, the impact of the incentives will surprise you.