Why Lithium Batteries Are Like Rubber Tires

Knowing that lithium batteries are a requisite for electric car production, General Motors and Ford need to guarantee their supply.

How Covid Caused a Bagels and Cream Cheese Crisis

Covid’s impact on factory labor, truck drivers, and packaging supplies has resulted in a New York City cream cheese shortage.

The Travels of a Banana

Looking at the past, present, and future, we would see that a banana’s travels could once again change because of a fungus.

Why There Really Is a Toilet Paper Shortage

It’s easy to assume that the toilet paper shortage in the U.S. is caused by panic buying and hoarding but there really might be a supply problem.

A Global Look at the 737 MAX

More than a U.S., airplane, the Boeing 737 MAX is made from components that come from the 600 companies in its global supply chain.

August 2019 Friday’s e-links: From Retroviruses to the Travels of a T-Shirt and Average Fast-Food Drive-Through Times

Friday’s e-links: Focusing on a monumental scientific breakthrough, Malcolm Gladwell produced a memorable podcast in “The Obscure Virus Club.”

Why Valentine’s Roses Bloom in Colombia

Most of our Valentine’s roses come from Colombia because of the U.S. government, the perfect combination of land, labor and capital, and Walmart.

Can a Hurricane Help an Economy?

Before, during and after a natural disaster like Harvey, we have hurricane economics affecting gasoline markets and the GDP.

How Marijuana Taxes Affect Our Behavior

The state of Washington created new marijuana tax incentives when it switched how it taxed pot growers, processors and retailers.

Weekly Roundup: From Chicken Sandwiches to Budget Gridlock

Our economic news summary includes chicken sandwiches, reefers and the supply chain, the internet and the information infrastructure and the federal budget.