Comparing a Meltdown, a Lockdown, and a Catalytic Converter

As the value of palladium goes up, so too do the number of catalytic converter thefts. Unless you drive an EV, your car has a catalytic converter. Mandated because they diminish emissions, catalytic converters can be sliced off the belly…

How Present and Past Social Spending Could Connect

At more than $2 trillion, the cost of the March 2020 CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act was double what we spent on Social Security in 2019. As a pandemic relief package, CARES Act checks were directed toward…

The Fish Fight That Could Sink Brexit

As we approach a Brexit deadline, negotiations for a withdrawal deal could depend on cod, mackerel, and herring.

Comparing Welfare in 13 Countries

Although the per capita GDP gap between two countries could appear large, the difference shrinks when you bring welfare into your calculations.

Six Facts: The Impact of Capitalism

With the political debate gravitating toward socialism and capitalism, today we take a look at six facts that tell us about capitalism in four countries.

When Organ Donors Need More Than a Nudge

Sometimes increasing deceased organ donations takes more than a nudge because of the behind-the-scene details that are necessary.

Where Home and Work Should Intersect

While working at home has become the focus of a new French law, the bigger issue could be how much new technology enables the firm to monitor our lives.

Grandpa’s Growing Slice of the Income Pie

With aging populations growing in many countries, income distribution tradeoffs will be necessary for pensions, subsidized investments and bonds.

When to Tax a Bologna Sandwich

Depending on whether an item is defined as a necessity or a luxury and how much revenue a municipality needs, state sales taxes very considerably.

Where to Find the Biggest Gender Gap

Through worldwide gender gap indicators, we can see that Iceland can optimize productivity and human capital through a small gender gap.