Why Workers’ Wages Are a Worry in Bangladesh

Having just gone up, garment workers’ wages in Bangladesh show the tradeoff between cheap fast fashion and fair pay.

How Economists Still Disagree About a Minimum Wage

Continuing to debate the minimum wage impact, economists still do not agree how, if, and when jobs are lost.

The Minimum Wage Debate

Whether looking at Germany’s minimum wage hike or David Card’s classic 1992 study, still raising the minimum wage can be controversial.

The Surprising Minimum Wage Impact at McDonald’s

From 2016 through 2020, wages crept upward at thousands of McDonald’s in the U.S. The McDonald’s response, though, is not quite what economists would have expected. The (Surprising) Minimum Wage Impact Traditional economic theory suggests that employers respond to an…

What Economists Say About the Minimum Wage

The night before President Roosevelt signed the law that established the first federal hourly minimum wage, he warned in his fireside chat that we should, “…not let any calamity-howling executive with an income of $1,000 a day, …tell you…that a…

Where to Find a Higher Minimum Wage

Traveling around the United States, you would see a minimum wage that varied from state to state and among different cities.

Doing a Fractal Zoom Into Our Yearly Pay

Depending on whether you look at national statistics or the numbers on a company basis, employee median pay can look very different.

Why a Higher Minimum Wage is like a Google Map

Using a multi-disciplined lens, the University of Washington’s most recent study of Seattle’s $15 minimum wage conveyed considerable insight.