What 9 Euros Say About Public Transit

First looking at Germany and then at ten cities in Europe and Asia, we can see the potential of public transit.

Why Are We Drinking Less Milk?

We can look at the alternatives and at the environment to understand why our milk comnsumption has gone down.

Our Surprising Response to Peak TV

Faced with hundred of thousands of titles to choose from and what might be called peak TV, our response is surprising.

What It’s Nice To Know About a Queue

While the queue wait for Queen Elizabeth had a high of 14 hours, for other lines, we are only willing to remain for approximately 10 minutes.

How the Cost of Children Has Changed

Knowing that tomorrow is National Tooth Fairy Day, the Tooth Fairy could be smiling…but not for long. Like most childcare costs, the Tooth Fairy’s expenses have been rising recently. Cost of Children Tooth Fairy If the Tooth Fairy visited your…

Looking At Global Gas Prices

Looking at global gasoline prices, we can see that what we spend for a gallon is much less than people pay elsewhere.

What Password Sharing Really Means

While our password sharing had been ignored by Netflix, now they’ve become very aware that they have a free rider problem to solve.

How the ATM’s Twenty Dollar Bills Affect Us

The Atlanta Fed looked at how we spend our twenty dollar bills to see the ATM’s impact on whether we use cash or debit or credit.

When the Cost of a Plane and a Wait Are Similar

For the same economic reason, the supersonic Concorde should have been grounded sooner and we irrationally endure long phone wait times.

Learn With Elaine: Tokyo 2020

Seemingly simple, the pandemic delays that created ticket refunds for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have an immense cost.