How an Elevator Is Like a Traffic Light

Because of the wait time that they force us to sacrifice, elevators and traffic lights are somewhat similar.

When a Dating App Is Like a Can Opener

A dating app can lead to face swiping fatigue. With a slew of pictures and bios to consider, users can find it harder to select the right person. Analysts have suggested that the endless supply makes the search go on…

The Cost of a 2020 Olympic Delay

Cancelling the 2020 Olympics, Japan made a decision that had countless hidden costs for athletes and many other individuals and businesses.

When Daylight Saving Is Not the Best Time

Whereas many of us ask whether we should switch between daylight saving time and standard time, the question is not quite so simple.

The Problem With Finding the Right Size

The massive volume of online clothing returns.takes us to the value of standardized dress sizes and the transactions costs of free shipping.

Why Romaine Lettuce is Like a 737 Max

In 1998, a batch of pencils had to be recalled. Destined for grade school classes, the pencils said “Too Cool To Do Drugs.” Problems developed when the kids sharpened the pencils and instead they said “Cool To Do Drugs.” When…

The Connection Between Traffic Jams and Jobs

As the downside of low unemployment, traffic congestion can have an invisible cost that relates to time, gas, and aggravation.

A Dilemma: How Much to Pay for Our Privacy Protection

There is a doll whose name is Cayla. She has a pink skirt, a denim jacket, and a bluetooth connection. Like many toys, she can have a conversation with us. While these dolls are all Caylas, their manufacturer says you…

The Two Sides of a Pilot’s Decisions

Involving safety, airline pilots’ decisions during takeoff, flight, and landing reflect cost and benefit tradeoffs that their passengers rarely recognize.

What a Government Shutdown Does to Each of Us

A government shutdown is again in the news. The key date is December 21. If federal agencies without funding do not get their money by then, they have to follow their shutdown rules. I suspect most of us will be…