When Finger Lickin’ Became a Problem

With new social norms and health requisites, companies like Domino’s and Apple are producing pandemic advertising that conveys a different message.

How We Got Cheesier Pizza

On average, we are eating close to 35 pounds of cheese a year. (And some of us, like me, consume much more.) To see why, our story starts with Domino’s and ends with the federal budget. A Cheesier Pizza Knowing…

Do Mandatory Calorie Labels Matter?

Although mandatory calorie count labels have become the law of the land, their impact on firms and consumers is still unpredictable.

34 Million Different Pizzas

Expressing concern about a proposed FDA calorie-posting rule, Domino’s says it would have to list 34 million different kinds of pizzas. Really. This Bloomberg video explains their position. Using Domino’s “Cal-O-Meter” as a source, they show an image of a…