What Air Jordan Says About Capitalism

There is no need for a spoiler alert because we all know how Air ends. But there is so much more. Air Jordan Capitalism Today, our story starts with an Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love author) New Yorker magazine interview.…

The Surprising Star of Space Jam

Done well, movie product placements for firms like Nike and even a university like MIT can boost brand value.

Nike’s Amazon Problem

Nike’s Amazon problem related to the difficulty that most big brands would have with losing power at the Everything Store.

How the Trans-Pacific Partnership is About New Balance and Nike

Looking at tires, fashion and NAFTA, we can see the lost jobs opposition to free trade and the pro free trade response.

How To Make a $200 Sneaker Worth $8000

As an oligopoly, Nike uses limited edition sneakers, coveted by Sneakerheads, to compete because they create cache, a cool image, and eliminate discounting.