How a Bridge Collapse Affected Cars, Cruises, and Coal

While the length of the Francis Scott Key Bridge was just 1.6 miles, the cost of its collapse extended around the globe.

How To Prepare Three Tons of Food

In Krakow, Poland, hundreds of voluteers implement Ukrainian food distribution by using Adam Smith’s division of labor.

When the Women Did the Hunting

Reconsidering archeological evidence from ancient hunter gatherer societies, scientists have been surprising us.

A New Kind of Traffic Signal

Including Nantucket and the Netherlands, the places that replaced traffic signals with “shared space” had surprising results.

The Cornhole BagGate Scandal

At this year’s American Cornhole World Championship, the cheating accusations could have the same impact as economic corruption claims.

What a Traffic Light Can Surprisingly Signal

Called laissez-faire, Adam Smith’s prescription for less government in the economy relates to an island with no traffic lights.

Why We Worry About the World’s Faster Roads

Decomposing development, researchers tell us that less road safety can constrain a middle income country’s economic growth.

A Global Look at Spending and Taxes

Comparing national spending and taxes in the United States to other similar countries, we see big differences.

Where (and When) Do Women Earn More?

Whereas a Pew report says that young women’s gender pay gap has disappeared in 22 metropolitan areas, the whole story is not quite as good.

What We Can Learn From a Nail

We can see how a small commodity can tell a big story when we look at what nail price history illuminates in the factory and beyond it.