How “Trolls World Tour” Is Changing the Movie Business

On April 10, when Trolls World Tour was supposed to hit the movie theaters, none were open. So NBCUniversal decided to proceed with a streaming release instead. Other studios were postponing film opening dates by as much as a year.…

How Mexican Tequila is Like New Zealand Honey

Protecting honey through a trademark or an EU PDO are the goals of the makers of New Zealand’s manuka honey because others are producing similar products.

Why We Should Buy Popcorn at the Movies

When you see why movie theater tickets are cheap and movie theater popcorn is so expensive, you might want to buy more popcorn.

An Unusual Pizza Market

When we compare pizza competition on an island to everywhere else, we wind up with some of what we expect but not entirely.

Why We Need Holey Cow and Other Cheesy Names

Even U.S. cheesemakers suffer when the EU (European Union) says you can’t use a label like Parmesan or feta because your cheese wasn’t made in the required place.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering When We Were More Connected

With a soaring proportion of households becoming cellphone-only users, on this #TBT we can look back at the disappearing landline.

Why Tequila Drinkers Need Protection

Like sparkling wine that is called Champagne and cheese that is Parmesan, Mexican tequila is legally protected, even with Desperados tequila-flavored beer.

When It’s Okay To Discriminate

Saying firms can’t refill and resell their cartridges, Lexmark International is fighting for printer cartridge patent protection in the Supreme Court.

Why World Series Ticket Prices Are So High

Averaging $3,000 and as high as $18,000 a seat at Wrigley’s Field, World Series ticket prices are soaring for some very logical economic reasons.

Weekly Roundup: From Less Waste to More Chicken Feet

Ranging from U.S. chicken feet exports to “Hamilton” tickets, our weekly roundup included China worries and price discrimination.