How Italians Feel About Pineapple Pizza

Domino’s, Mondelēz, and IKEA each had a different lessons to learn from their globalization decisions for Italy, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Why Tariffs Are Unfair

Hit harder by regressive tariffs, the poor pay more than the affluent because history has not been corrected.

When a Pillow Is Like an Oreo

In international markets, businesses need to recognize local preferences when they sell products beyond home borders.

The Great Lego Spill

Because of a huge wave and massive container ships, we wound up with a gargantuan number of Lego pieces becoming The Great Lego Spill.

Playing Chicken With Export Nationalism

Because of Malaysia’s export nationalism, Singapore’s consumers could face shortages of their beloved chicken rice dish.

Why We Worry About the World’s Wheat

Facing war, wild fires, draught, and port blockages, the world wheat supply will have difficulty compensating for shortages.

Checking On China: US-China Phase One Trade Tracker 2021

Looking at the Peterson Institute’s 2021 numbers for the first phase of the US-China Trade Deal, we can see if the agreement is working.

The Tangles in Our Supply Chain

Globally creating supply chain tangles, the pandemic produced labor shortages and shipping distortions that the system couldn’t handle.

Six (More) Facts About World Trade

Through our world trade update, we can look at trade partners, states, shipping containers and even giant cranes.

The Travels of a Banana

Looking at the past, present, and future, we would see that a banana’s travels could once again change because of a fungus.