Where the U.S. China Trade Relationship Is Not Decoupling

Xi’s dinner with Iowa farmers reminds us that the U.S. China trade relationship is not decoupling everywhere,

The Message From the Chinese Consumer

Trickling down to the Chinese consumer through plunging home prices and youth unempllpyment, China’s economic slowdown has a global reach.

Looking at the Apple Pivot

Called the Apple pivot, reducing exposure to China and increasing production in India is just one example of global trade reallocation.

How To Fight a Banana War

During the 1990s, fought with banana tariffs, the U.S. engaged in a war with the EU that the U.K. has continued.

Why Is There a Run on Rice?

While India’s rice export ban was supposed to help domestic consumers, the global impact rippled far beyond one country.

The Price of Pandanomics

With the National Zoo’s giant pandas soon departing, we can decide if their massive expense is worth their presence.

What Do the BRICS Want to Build?

In 2001, Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill predicted that the BRICs would increasingly boost the world economy. Having created an unforgettable acronym, he guaranteed that many of us would pay attention to Brazil, Russia, India, and China. What the BRICS…

Why Russia Still Has Rum

As one of several hundred companies not observing the Russian boycott, Bacardi was included in a list from the Yale School of Management.

The Story of a Superfake Market

Called superfakes, the handbags that are sold in counterfeit markets are a surprisingly large participant in world trade.

Where Indigenous People Got Paid Back

In South Africa, recently, there was an indigenous repayment for the herbal tea that farmers now benefit commercially.