The Economic Half of a Sandwich

More than food, a sandwich can take us to the obesity economics that explain why parts of the world eat too much.

What We Are Drinking

In the United States and Globally, water is #1 for beverage consumption but then the two diverge, perhaps with some surprises.

Why Are We Drinking Less Milk?

We can look at the alternatives and at the environment to understand why our milk comnsumption has gone down.

How We’ve Responded To Rising Restaurant Prices

Because chains and smaller eating establishments have dealt with skyrocketing costs differently, restaurant prices were not the only remedy.

Six Facts: Alcohol Economics

Positively and negatively, affecting countires with high and low income, the impact of alcohol economics is global.

Why and Where We Live Alone

With more people in the U.S. and beyond living alone, we can see who is a solo, where they live, and what they purchase.

How We Can Fight Inflation Through a Hot Dog War

Because of competition between Sam’s Club and Costco, shoppers can fight the war against inflation with a hot dog and soda combo.

The Top Ten Economic Ideas That Explain Thanksgiving

Rememebring that economics explains our everyday life, we can use a Thanksgiving top ten to understand our holiday behavior.

How Restaurant Hours Have Changed

For a slew of demand and supply related reasons, chain restaurant hours have been decreasing almost everywhere.

Why Mint Chocolate (Chicken) Could Be Our Next Trendy Food

Looking at trendy food takes us to South Korean tastes and the U.S. history of new foods coming and going.