Enlightening Measures of China’s Growth

Economists can use nighttime lights from NASA’s satellite images of the earth to decide if China’s economic growth statistics are accurate.

How Affluence Relates to Pollution

China’s first three five-year plans had no mention of the environment. Then in plans five through nine, there was more. And now, looking at plans 11 to 13, we would see that 5% of all words relate to ecology, energy or the environment. Where are…

What the New Chinese Consumer is Buying

Buying more yogurt, movie tickets and premium products instead of instant noodles, the consumer is a new focus for China’s statisticians.

Really Understanding the World

Seeing the world develop through bubble animation from Hans Rosling makes health and income statistics mesmerizingly enjoyable.

Why China Will Make a Better Ballpoint Pen

Until Chinese innovation produces better ballpoint pens, the tips for billions of exports will have to be imported from Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Where Phones Pump Money

Kenya’s economic development has been fueled by a mobile banking system that makes it easy to save, send and spend money with a cell phone.

Street Grid Economics

More than we realize, our economic behavior in a city is shaped by the urban planning that created the shape, the length and the width of the streets.

Why Russian Sewing Machines and Uber India are Similar

Whether looking at 21st century Uber in India or 19th century Singer sewing machine in Russia, globalization requires adjusting a business model.

The Problem With Giving Your Brother a Stock Tip

When the Supreme Court decides whether you can give your brother a stock tip, it will also affect the good governance that boosts economic activity.

How to Find Out What’s Trending

Knowing what we will want before we know, Starbucks and Nike hire firms that predict consumer trends so they can plan what to produce.