How Dating Markets Have Changed

As they replace the traditional ways that couples meet each other, onlne dating markets are reducing the role of friends and family.

What Our Labor Day Cookout Might Be Missing

Hit by less supply and more demand, our Labor Day cookouts will suffer from hot dog shortages and higher prices.

When a Carbon Tax Proposal Is Like Goldilocks

In his new book, climate activist Bjorn Lomborg presents a controversial carbon tax proposal that could remind us of Goldilocks.

The Pandemic’s Pepperoni Problem

In addition to Dr. Pepper and toilet paper, we now can place pepperoni shortages on a list of the products that have been hit by the pandemic.

What an Oil Boom and Bust Do to a Town

Sometimes like a roller coaster, the change in prices that cause an oil boom and bust can transform drilling towns and cities.

The Mystery of the Artless Heist

When the ownership rights of a $3.1 million John Constable painting are unclear, no one can buy or sell, display, or conserve it.

The Sizzling Price of a Francis Bacon Triptych

Looking at yesterday’s first online auction for very expensive contemporary art, we can ask why the price of a painting exceeded $80 million.

Why Cheddar Cheese Is Like WTI Crude Oil

A benchmark like WTI, light mild Cheddar cheese prices are determined by commodities markets that responded to pandemic changes in supply and demand.

When Pandemic Electricity Demand Is Like the Big Flush

Although pandemic lockdowns have reduced electricity demand, still, like the “big flush” after the Super Bowl, they need to retain peak capacity.

How the 2020 Pandemic Is Like the 1930s Depression

Because of state mandated lockdowns, dairy farmers are responding to less demand from restaurants, schools, and hotels by dumping milk.