Why There Really Is a Toilet Paper Shortage

It’s easy to assume that the toilet paper shortage in the U.S. is caused by panic buying and hoarding but there really might be a supply problem.

Where We’ve Been Scrambling For Eggs

Whereas toilet paper shortages have been in the news, the headlines could also have included surging egg demand, especially in Israel.

What Will Happen to Restaurant Food?

As business closings multiply, redeploying food from restaurants to supermarket consumers has required changes along the supply chain.

The Pricey Purse That Created a Problem

When Hermes combined very high prices with limited availability for its Birkin bags, it not only generated conspicuous consumption but also a problem.

Where Fashion Is Suffering From the Coronavirus

Through its fashion weeks, its factories, and its stores, the fashion industry is suffering from the impact of the coronavirus.

Why We Want Higher Face Mask Prices

Rather than gouging or profiteering, higher prices are best described as the incentives we need to boost the world’s face mask supply.

The Big French Fry Crunch

Because of bad weather in parts of Canada and the major U.S. growing states, we could have a potato shortage that creates a French fry crunch.

Why Romaine Lettuce is Like a 737 Max

In 1998, a batch of pencils had to be recalled. Destined for grade school classes, the pencils said “Too Cool To Do Drugs.” Problems developed when the kids sharpened the pencils and instead they said “Cool To Do Drugs.” When…

What Uber Can Teach Us About Tips

Looking at 40 million trips, researchers concluded that Uber’s tips can be surprising because of the rider characteristics that determine how much.

How a Common Application Affected College Admissions

At highly selective schools, 2019 college admission rates were pretty low: Harvard: 4.5% Yale: 5.91% Stanford: 4.3% in 2018 (They are no longer releasing the number.) But we are looking at a tiny proportion of the higher education population. At…