Really Understanding the World

Seeing the world develop through bubble animation from Hans Rosling makes health and income statistics mesmerizingly enjoyable.

Where To Find China’s Missing Women

Upsetting the conventional wisdom, researchers recently found millions of “non-existent” women who could enter Chinese marriage markets.

The Cost Air of Clean (Bottled) Air

When we have air pollution reflecting the abuse of a shared resource then markets response with a privately owned higher quality version.

China’s Surprising Development Yardstick

Chinese demand for a better rice cooker illustrates the real picture of how Chinese development impacts more affluent Chinese consumers.

Why We Need Leap Seconds

To keep the clock synchronized with the sun, we need to add leap seconds that make our days longer than a precise 24 hours.

The Jobs That Politicians Lose Because of Globalization

Employment in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District has been hit hard by China. According to one estimate for 2001 to 2011, 3.77% of all jobs in the district were displaced because of manufacturing layoffs. Also, the moderate Republican congressman representing the 5th District lost his…

A Nudge or a Shove? The Tobacco Regulations That Work

While developed nations have tobacco regulation like plain packaging, label warnings and taxes, countries like China do not discourage smoking.

The Choice Between Free Trade and Tariffs

Low skilled labor bears more of the cost of free trade than comparative advantage and traditional economics have indicated.

How the Number 4 Relates to Traffic Congestion

While we would predict that Beijing’s traffic congestion wastes fuel and time, unhappiness is one externality that many of us would not cite.

Where to Find the Biggest Gender Gap

Through worldwide gender gap indicators, we can see that Iceland can optimize productivity and human capital through a small gender gap.