Throwback Thursday: Looking for a Tasty Tomato

#TBT: Today we look back to when small and sweet tomatoes became large, sturdy and bland. How the Tomato Lost Its Taste Our story begins close to 90 years ago. Although we are not sure where, we do know that…

The Surprising Consequences of Taxing Bagels and Windows

By changing our homes and our cream cheese purchases, taxes on bagels and windows can have unintended consequences when they distort our behavior.

The Mystery of the Footlong Sandwich’s Missing Inch

When a Subway footlong is 11 inches and a box of Whoppers is half full, we can ask about the lawsuits that tried to remedy their misleading packaging.

The Mystery of the Costly Crustacean

Combine Maine’s lobster glut with China’s lobster demand and you come close to solving the mystery of why lobster prices have not sunk.

Getting Order From Wild Blueberries

Although no one tells Maine’s wild blueberry growers how much to plant, blueberry markets signal when to cut back and when to plant more.

Questions About Popeye and Misleading Statistics

Precise numbers can become misleading statistics when politicians, journalists and scholars use them for jobs projections and GDP totals.