Everything You Never Knew About the Sandwich

The Earl of Sandwich might have created the first slab of beef on two slices of bread because he wanted to eat at his desk (at the Admiralty). As one theory goes, he was hungry. Since waiting for his main…

Thanksgiving Top Ten List For 2017

Looking at our Thanksgiving meal through a turkey top ten list, you can see how economics is about so much more than money.

Why China is Eating More Cranberries

For China, becoming a middle income country is about more than per capita income. It is also about cranberries. Chinese Cranberry Consumption In 2013, most Chinese consumers had not heard of the cranberry and, until recently, they even had no word for…

How Brexit Could Change a Big Mac

The Brexit impact could include McDonald’s Big Macs if the United Kingdom winds up with tariffs on cheddar cheese from Ireland.

A Big Banana Worry

We have huge banana worries because of a devastating fungal disease that has been wiping out banana crops in East Asia and beyond,

What Your Phone Says About How You Spend Your Money

Knowing that statisticians suggest iPhone users tend to be more affluent than Android owners, we can hypothesize how their spending differs.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering the Best French Fries

#TBT Throwback Thursday: Looking back at the original McDonald’s french fries that were made with beef tallow, we could say that the taste was worth the fat.

How Our French Fries Became More Expensive

When the price of your French fries increased during the past decade, one reason was a potato cartel that was rather similar to OPEC.

How Egg Markets Are Scrambled

The most recent avian influenza outbreak was one of the worst. In the U.S., 32 million egg-laying hens died while one third of Iowa’s egg layers were wiped out. Predictably, egg prices spiked. Yes, no one expected those high prices…

How Transparency Transformed Food Shopping

When the development of cellophane let us have self-service shopping for meat and produce, it started a retailing revolution.