When a Tesla Price Tells Us All We Need To Know

Just by looking at a $35,000 Tesla price, we can decide if Elon Musk is creating luxury vehicles or cars for the masses.

How China Has Begun To Keep (a Social) Score

In China, by being good to your mother-in-law, you can elevate your social credit score, get a cheaper bike rental, and a better bank loan.

How to Plant Marijuana Markets

The issues are surprisingly similar for a tiny island like Nantucket and a huge state like California. Both are figuring out how to create the marijuana markets that they legalized. Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Last November, Massachusetts and California voted to…

Why China’s Scientists Got the Wrong Message

In 2016 it appeared that China had become a research powerhouse. In 2017 they discovered a problem. This is the story of how incentives can have unintended consequences. Chinese R&D In 2016, the numbers told a phenomenal story. China was…

A Surprising Way to Ration Education

Because of increasing demand, Shanghai’s private schools have revised their admission requirements. In addition to the typical student tests and interviews, now parents and grandparents have to meet certain academic standards. At two schools, if your kid applied, YOU would have to take an…

Weekly Roundup: From Raisin Reserves to Greek Bank Reserves

Our everyday economics includes inelasticity, supply, regulation, entitlements, subsidies, healthcare, innovation, price floor, monetary policy, euro zone.

A New Way to Calculate Drug Prices

Rather than the market system, several doctor suggest that cancer drugs can be priced using variables based on value that include toxicity and efficacy.

How Congress Would Anger Alexander Hamilton

Whenever people try to limit the rights of owners, as with Alexander Hamilton and bondholders or now with the ART Act, there are market system tradeoffs.

When Real Peanut Butter Is Not What or Where You Expect

Required by commerce in a market system, standard weights and measures not only take us to the kilogram or second but also even peanut butter.

How Markets Can Save Honeybees

While a government task force will soon report on how to deal with the increase in honeybee deaths, instead the market system could solve the problem.