More on the Mom Penalty

Whether we look at a cartoon on women’s “mental load” at home or a recent study on the gender pay gap in Denmark, the problem is the mommy penalty.

The Mom Penalty and the Dad Bonus

Confirming that children add to the gender pay gap, the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood bonus each create more of a spread between female and male earnings.

What Not To Tell During a Job Interview

Trying to narrow the gender pay gap, states are passing legislation that prohibits a salary history question during job interviews.

Less Recognized Reasons For the Gender Pay Gap

By focusing on social norms that determine the division of labor at home and traditional workplace incentives, we can narrow the gender pay gap.

Why Marriage Extends the Gender Pay Gap

We can see that the gender pay gap is about so much more than the firm when we look at marriage, children, home responsibilities, and education.

The Gender Pay Gap for Female Physicians

Looking at physicians’ salaries in different specialties that renage from pediatrics to radiology, we can see how the gender pay gap varies

The Soccer Pay Gap

Sometimes a graph is worth a thousands words: Annual Revenue for Men’s and Women’s National Soccer Teams   Yes, in 2015 the women’s national soccer team generated more revenue than the men. But still, the women are paid less. The Law Suit Five female…

The Tennis Pay Gap

In tennis and other sports, the equal pay debate relates to ideas from feminist and identity economics that focus on attitudes about women’s worth.

How to Narrow the Gender Pay Gap

For pharmacists, as temporal flexibility for women has grown because of industry consolidation and standardization, the gender wage gap has shrunk.

Weekly Roundup: From Good Voices to Bad Marriages

Our everyday economics includes GDP, human capital, price system, public goods, taxes, gender pay gap, externalities, subsidies, marriage economics and ROI.