The Importance of a Good (Voice) Pitch

Because men and women associate competence, confidence, and authority with a deeper voice, gender inequality can be caused by how women speak.

How Much Would Santa Earn If We Paid Him?

If they tried to include the work that moms and dads do at home, national income accounting statisticians would have a tough time quantifying unpaid work.

Why There is Less Marriage

New attitudes that value marriage less and new economics through which women have more pay and education and men work less have changed marriage markets.

Weekly Roundup: From Lemons to Longevity

This week’s stories on everyday economics include baby boomer dependency ratios, disposable income, human capital, the price system, the money supply and the iPhone 6 supply chain.

The Facts Behind the Gender Pay Gap

Although the gender pay gap can be women earning 78 cents for every dollar a male earns, the data, depending on so many variables, is more complicated.

One Reason That We Need Gender Equity in TV and Film

Our Monday Gender Issue: Citing “gender inertia,” San Diego University professor Martha Lauzen said that: “If you have all white males working behind the scenes in the film industry, you’re going to get a whole lot of white males up…

The Olympic Gender Gap

This year it was the ski jump. Though still not allowed to participate in the large hill jump, for the first time, women competed down the 90-meter jumping hill. For years they had been told that their bodies could not…

Gender Issues: The Health Care Pay Gap

For many health care workers, the gender pay gap has grown. You can see in this Washington Post infographic how female physicians and dentists have been affected: A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that…

A Gender Gap: The Bottom Line at the Harvard Business School

For me, there was only one basic issue in yesterday’s lengthy NY Times article on the Harvard Business School (H.B.S.) gender gap. First some background: The equally smart and talented men and women who entered Harvard Business School fared very differently…

Gender Issues: Equal Pay Day

By Lilli DeBode, guest blogger, senior at Kent Place School Last Tuesday, April 9th was Equal Pay Day, the day symbolizing how far into 2013 women need to work in order to earn what men earned in 2012. You can hear…