The Surprising Reasons For Food Inequality

Whereas food inequality had been correlated to lack of availability and high prices, new research shows other reasons low income households eat more unhealthy food than those with more money.

A Lot For a Latte?

We can get the most latte for our loot in Cairo. At the equivalent of $1.53, a Cairo tall latte is close to one-half the $3.45 price of one in the U.S. On the other hand, a tall latte in Zurich…

What The Last Supper Says About Food Portions

Looking at entrée, bread and plate sizes in versions of the Last Supper during the past millennium gives us some clues about portion size history.

The Significance of a Beer Case

Because some young men who could not buy beer in Oklahoma said the law was unconstitutional, the Supreme Court had to look at gender discrimination.

Why the U.K. Wants a Latte Levy

Because the polyethylene in coffee cups prevents proper recycling, the British parliament is considering a latte levy to solve the problem.

The Mystery of the Different Mac and Cheese Prices

When restaurants use dynamic pricing they can maximize revenue and diner flow by charging less on Mondays and more on Saturdays.

How to Solve the Missing Chips Problem

Puffier than they need to be, misleading packages have been the subject of class action lawsuits by people who feel they were overcharged for their chips.

The Rise and Fall of Organic Milk

Like other trendy foods that temporarily attract consumers, the organic milk decline followed a surge in sales and an increase in supply.

Using Time to Choose Your Coffee Shop

In 2015, Norway’s Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen won the World Brewers Cup competition. The rules are simple. You just need to use a non-mechanical coffee brewing method and have won qualifying regional competitions. Essentially, we are talking about pouring water (by hand)…

Imagining a Marijuana Starbucks

With eight states having legalized recreational marijuana, new businesses are multiplying. One ad person even asked if there could be “a Starbucks equivalent in the world of weed.” So today, let’s see the possibilities. A Starbucks Equivalent Surface Magazine shared five…