How Our Tipping Behavior is Changing

When we last looked at tipping, we said that it was a way to impress people (like Seinfeld’s George, below). Also we might be expressing altruism or just saying thank you for good service. But beyond all of the basics, our…

The Mystery of France’s Disappearing Butter

Recent headlines have said that France is suffering from a “Pastry Panic” and “Milk Fat Mayhem.” They also tell us that “Croissants are in Crisis” as “French Bakers Crumble.” Really though, the problem is a butter shortage. Why is Butter…

A Tale of Wine and Weather

Because Italy, France, and Spain will have the smallest grape harvest in 56 years, we will be enjoying three billion fewer bottles of wine. You can see below that the heart of the world’s wine country was hit:   Our story…

Undigestible Food (Studies)

Because of research replication issues and questionable data, many academic papers need more rigor from their authors and skepticism from their readers.

Why We Like Trix and Chips

When General Mills switched to an all natural Trix, the response was not quite what they expected. One mom said, “My kids find the color of the new Trix cereal quite depressing.” Another Trix lover complained, “It’s basically a salad now.”…

A Florida Orange Juice Squeeze

On one side of the Florida orange industry, we have shrinking orange juice demand while on the other, citrus greening and Irma have struck.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Restaurants

Used to be we would prepare dinner at home while eating out was occasional. No more. Now, especially for lunch and dinner, someone else prepares the food. The Mystery The Atlantic called it “The Great Convergence.” The difference between what…

Why the Philadelphia Soda Tax is Fizzling

Like all sin taxes, the Philadelphia sugary drinks tax has had an unpredictable impact on revenue and the alternatives that people select.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering When Package Sizes Shrunk

When manufacturers began downsizing packages in the U.K., we got less chocolate in a bar, fewer teabags in a box and smaller Creme Eggs.

Why Tequila Drinkers Need Protection

Like sparkling wine that is called Champagne and cheese that is Parmesan, Mexican tequila is legally protected, even with Desperados tequila-flavored beer.