Is Happiness a Good Reason to Host the Olympics?

Not nearly an economic bonanza, the cost to host the Olympics is considerable while the benefit to host is happiness. Is it worth it?

Why Grumpy Cat Can Finally Smile

Narrowing intellectual property rights, a court recently decided that the “Happy Birthday” song could enter the public domain because no one owned it.

The Soccer Pay Gap

Sometimes a graph is worth a thousands words: Annual Revenue for Men’s and Women’s National Soccer Teams   Yes, in 2015 the women’s national soccer team generated more revenue than the men. But still, the women are paid less. The Law Suit Five female…

A Sports Paradox: European Capitalism and U.S. Socialism

Resembling capitalism, the system that governs European football leagues made the Leicester City Football Club ascent almost impossible.

Keeping Hamilton on the New 10 Dollar Bill

If Alexander Hamilton’s image remains on a new 10 dollar bill, then a woman’s image could replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

The Tour de France Gender Gap

Typified by the Tour de France, male/female athletes’ salary gender gap will diminish when female athletes’ media, consumer and commercial appeal increase.