Why Bitcoin Is Not Money

By spending bitcoin, we see the multiple reasons that calling it a cryptocurrency can be misleading because it is not money.

The Chaos Created By Venezuela’s Soaring Inflation Rate

When Venezuela’s inflation rate entered the stratosphere, it created chaos that shifted the rhythm and rationality of daily life.

The Countries With the Most and Least Cash

India appears to love its cash. Last year’s demonetization of large bills was supposed to diminish the use of cash, eliminate “black money,” and expand the digital economy. However, even without the high value notes, the currency supply dipped and…

The Money That People Won’t Spend

Swinging from hyperinflation to deflation, the value of Zimbabwe currency has created uncertainty for more than a decade.

When Product Ratings Are a Problem

The worst summer in 20 years, movie box office revenue from May to Labor Day in 2017 was 15% less than the same dates last year. The reason could be lower film quality. Or it could be Netflix and Amazon.…

Deciding What is Real Money

While intuitively, we know the characteristics of money, when we receive a bent coin or a half of a dollar bill, we might wonder if we can spend it.

Why Grade Inflation is a Problem

With many more students getting A’s, we could have a grade inflation bubble that, like price inflation, creates distorted information and incentives.

There’s Lots More To the CPI Than One Number

Seemingly a single number, the CPI market basket is composed of wildly different flexible and sticky prices that provide a different view of inflation.

Looking at Venezuela Through a Teacher’s Salary

Using a high school teacher’s salary as our benchmark, we can start to see the incomprehensible impact of Venezuela’s currency crisis.

Connecting the (Federal Reserve’s) Dots

To better grasp Fed policy, we can use the FOMC’s dot plots to see what members feel will be appropriate Federal Reserve rate hikes.