How the U.S. Mint and a Breath Mint Are Causing Coin Shortages

coin shortages
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  1. Louie W says:

    And here in Australia (where I’m from) many shops aren’t accepting notes and coins (it’s card tap payments only) because of the supposed greater risk of transmission through touch. Brings a new literal meaning to the term ‘filthy lucre’.

  2. Louie W says:

    Here in Australia, some shops also aren’t accepting cash because they’re worried about greater virus transmission risk. So it’s tap payment by card only. Brings literal new meaning to the term ‘filthy lucre’.

  3. Scott Lassiter says:

    It’s just away to get rid of paper money like the government has wanted for years under the one governing law take a little away at a time let you get use to that then take more until one you are like cows and now you are fenced in for example the coin shortage is not real just stop and think about it!!! Scott

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