A New Way to Look At Air Rage

Boarding JetBlue recently, a gracious gentleman offered to let me move in front of him. Embarrassed, I refused and explained that my boarding group was “D.” And he was a “B.” When I fly on jetBlue to visit my daughter…

When You Don’t Want To Know Your Neighbor’s Income

Looking at Norway, a large bank, and the University of California, we see that transparency can make us care more about income inequality.

How Your College Determines Your Earnings

By knowing the type of college you plan to attend and which major you will select, you can figure out how to increase your postgraduate income.

How Credit Scores Complicate Love

To find out if a relationship will last, you can ask the New York Federal Reserve Bank about credit cards and assortative mating.

Weekly Roundup: From Overbooked Flights to Immigration Fallacies

This week’s economic news summary included unexpected insight from credit scores, the natural resource curse, and what the bacon cheeseburger can tell us.

Weekly Roundup: From Affluent Mates to Successful Names

Our everyday economics includes tradeoffs, deposit insurance, supply chain, bias, human capital, income inequality, marriage markets and Federal Reserve.

Love, Marriage and Inequality

As female labor force participation increased since the 1970s, so too has the income inequality that resulted from assortative mating of higher earners.

Weekly Roundup: From Thirsty Almonds to Potent Alcohol

Our everyday economics includes human capital, incentives, behavioral economics, cost and benefit, exports, tradeoffs, inequality, risk,markets, and income.

What We Should Ask About the Wealth Gap

Because economists disagree on how to measure wealth, they convey different conclusions about the history of wealth inequality and distribution..

Why Academy Award Winners Might Live Longer

Relating income inequality to the stress felt by low status Bolivian Tsimane men and academy award losers, researchers said that stress that harms health.