Inequality: From the Pineapple to Redistribution

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  1. Rachel says:

    Global Inequality is Only Increasing! Those that are In Power have No Experience of the Bottom Level of that inequality. The Government is So Corrupt just Like the Photo that Pineapple came from someone else’s table. Possibly their last Pineapple because they are not Paid a Living Wage. I couldn’t imagine what the world would be like if 60% of the Population was Paid a Living Wage. The Productivity, Talent and Nonconfrontational (Crime Rates) individuals that would be Contributing to Humanity and Society. They Can still have the division of Classes the Rich still Rich. Our Country would be More Rich also. People spending Money.

    I know that I could be considered a Victim of economic inequality. I make $50,000 a Year. I live in the minimum with 2 kids in in Middle School and the other in College. I can’t afford a Mortgage for a house over $110,000. I have been able to Purchase a home in 2018 for under $100,000.

    But when it comes to having the Same Protections by the Law, Attaining an Attorney for Legal Matters, Pro Se Legal Matters, Seeking Assistance from the Government Resources, for someone Like Myself will Never be able to seek Justice (For Example: I am losing my Home because I Trusted Our Government and the Laws. I took a Covid Forbearance Instead of Receiving a Modification I have been forced to file bankruptcy and have 2 vacated Foreclosures. I reached out to Every Government Agencies, Nancy Murray, Julia Gordon and Governor Polis to Charge my Lender for Violating Federal and State Laws and More. No one wants to Work that hard to Protect the People.)

    Yes I live paycheck to paycheck but the Economic Inequality is More than Money. Ethics, Morals and Humanity are Traits Required to serve the People. Money talks.
    Sorry I think I ranted.

    1. Elaine Schwartz says:

      Thanks, Rachel. You helped to inspire today’s post.

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